deflorare: late Latin
de - expressing removal
flos, flor - a flower

As you can see by looking at these photographs, I am particularly drawn to the sensuality of plants, the





leaves, blossoms and fruit,

at close range.

When I look closely at an individual flower or leaf, I experience a sense of wonder about their amazing design; how they evolved to:

        - maximize the light that is available;

        - direct water where it is needed;

        - utilize nutrients;

        - seduce animals to facilitate reproduction.

I have been taking photos since I was a teenager when I  was given my first 35 mm camera by my parents. I was always drawn to photographing plants and longed to have a macro lens. I bought my first digital camera in 2000 and found myself drawn to the macro capabilities. I immediately began to take close-up shots of plants — flowers, foliage, edibles. I find myself incredibly relaxed when I am photographing plants. Upon returning from a trip to New England, I realized that of 200 photos I took, there were about 10 photos of the people I’d visited and another 10 of scenes. The rest were plants!

the site...

This site has two purposes. First, to provide viewers with an opportunity to enjoy the photos ... take yourself on an extended slide show. ... Second, to provide viewers with the opportunity to purchase the photos, cards and the book The Imperfect Garden.  If you want an enlargement of an image, contact me. Also, your thoughts and feedback about the photos are always welcome!

about the photographer...
When I am not wandering around in search of plants to photograph, or crocheting, or hanging out with friends, I can be found engaging in social work. I am a psychotherapist and also teach courses for mental health professionals  For more information about my social-work life, click here.